A-Z Process Solutions

At A-Z Process Solutions we aim to make your operations run as smoothly as possible.

We can assist you in a wide range of areas so that you can spend more time manufacturing your products.

A-Z Instrumentation

Areas We Serve


Our calibration services cover all industrial instruments, including but not limited to flow, pressure, temperature, level and analytical. We have NIST traceable equipment and the experience to safely and effectively calibrate all of your instrumentation. From food and beverage, pharmaceutical, paper/pulp and waste water, we know how your instruments work. Diverse industrial backgrounds and extensive experience lends us a good understanding of your industry.

Process Integration

We provide a holistic approach while integrating and emphasizing the unity of the process of your industrial operations. A-Z is a Rockwell System Integrator  as well as a Wonderware Registered system integrator. Let us be your integrator of choice to stream line operations and improve safety, quality and production goals. With years of food and beverage and paper/pulp experience, we have what it takes to make your integration goals a success.

Sanitary Process Piping

A-Z Process Solutions ensures and understands the importance of the safety of your hygienic and pharmaceutical products. We meet high-quality standards and provide our clients with consistent results. From small projects like cutting in for a flow meter to large and multi-disciplined projects, we have what it takes to improve your plant. We also provide custom fabrication, pulling ports, and complete design builds. As well as install stainless electrical conduit and junction boxes.


A-Z has built a reputation for safety, quality and dependability in the field of instrumentation. To better serve our customers we have become a stocking distributor of many top brands. Having the instruments in stock lets us cut many standard lead times from weeks to just one day. Some of the brands we sell/stock are –

Field Technicians

We have the tools, parts, and knowledge to keep your plant running smoothly.

Demanding industries can add stress to systems and personnel, let our team of experienced technicians help you and your facility. We are available 24/7 for technical support and service calls.

Project Work

Here at A-Z Process Solutions, we aim to service our clients with extensive industrial solutions that add value to their operations. Let us bring all of our knowledge, skilled employees and disciplines together to provide you with a turn-key project. From equipment or PLC upgrades to green field projects, we can turn your ideas into safe and profitable plants.

Other Services

3D Scanning

3D Scanning

Powered by Matterport, the all-in-one 3D data platform lets you turn a space into an accurate and immersive digital twin. Reduce travel time and expense by ordering a 3D scan of your industrial area. We send you multiple views of your room and this information is easily shared with other contractors/engineers to help aid in the development of your project. You can review, label and measure at the comfort of your desk with this real life 3D scan. Check out this demo for a closer look-

Custom Fittings

Can’t find what you need in that Catalog? Let us take your tough applications on and show you what we can do for you.

BackFlow Testing

BackFlow Testing

Let our experienced industrial technicians preform your backflow testing. We can give you the peace of mind that you deserve in knowing that your water supply is safe and not contaminating any sources.